Mustache Makeover

Nothing represents the epitome of authority and raw manliness than a mustache. If you are looking to command authority, become more distinguished, or just be more of a man, look no further, introducing the Mustache Machine!

Mustache Machine can take an ordinary man, woman, child, pet, tree, toaster oven, birds nest, couch, or just about anything and instantly transform them to be more distinguished, authoritative, and manly.

Here’s how it works:
- Load up the Mustache Machine
- Snap a picture or choose an existing photo from your photo library
- Choose from over 90 styles and colors of stache to reach your desired level of awesome
- Position mustache or beard using multi-touch gestures to zoom, scale, and rotate
- Show off the new you by saving the image to your photo album, emailing, or posting directly to Facebook

It’s never been easier to try out a new look. Realistic mustaches and beards allow you to use the Mustache Machine to really see what you would look like with different styles of facial hair, but at the same time allow you to just have fun giving everyone and anything a stache!

- Over 90 styles and colors of mustache, beard, goatee, sideburn to choose from. Colors include Brown, Blonde, Red, Black
- Load photos from photo album or take your own using the camera
- Multi-touch gestures to perfectly size and rotate each beard for perfect positioning and a realistic look
- Retina graphics support for iPhone 4
- Support for both portrait and landscape photos
- Save, email, or post images directly to Facebook